Cutest Hat!!!

  1. [​IMG]

    I don't usually wear hats, but this hat is to die for. What do you gals think???:yahoo:
  2. i love it!! unfortunately i live in canada so we get very limited amounts of gucci hats, i've been eyeing a hat for over 6 months and still no where to be found. i would buy that hat in a second if i saw it in my size.
  3. It's on Buy it before it is long gone.
  4. ^^ i have that hat and loveeeeeeeeeeeee it!! just wore it today! it is HOT!
  5. luvednotspoiled modeling pics please please please!!! the hat is adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. I'm going to get that hat to wear with my belt bag for my birthday...which is in 27 days AND counting :yahoo:
  7. cute cute cute!! this hat would be great for my long, hot, summer, texas days with shorts or whatever. Oh and especially when im out in the hot sun watching my 11 year old son play baseball!!! Yes Loved!!! Model pics please...!!!!!
  8. too bad doesnt send to canada
  9. It is cute!
  10. You all are a bad influence. Ordered it! Will be here next week.:wlae::wlae:
  11. how adorable...would you wear this with a monogrammed gucci bag or is that overkill?
  12. I am thinking it will be overkill. I have the leather large hobo, so I will be fine. Consider wearing it with my gucci shoes though.
  13. It's real cute, I'd totally get that if hats looked good on me. :s
  14. I just ordered the hat at the Neiman Marcus site.
    It is hard to find!
  15. That IS cute. I think its a guys hat, but no matter.

    I want a knit cap, but the one I want is sold out of course.