Cutest Diaper Bags?

  1. I have two baby showers to go to this spring - and I need to start looking now! Does anyone have any cute suggestions or links or ideas? I would like to get a diaper bag of course, since I am my family's official 'bag lady' hahha.

    One of the baby showers that I am going to is my brother & sister in law who are expecting in august (i think) so I would like a diaper bag for her and a man-diaper-bag for him...

    thanks! :smile:
  2. the gucci diaper bag is real nice it's unisex, but I don't know if you wanna spend 800 for it. Isabella Fiore has nice ones too
  3. well if it is unisex, and doesn't necessarily look like a diaper bag, then I would spend the money, because they can use the bag well into his/her toddler years you know?
  4. do u have links or a name? i keep trying to do a search and end up with fakie ebay links :sad:
  5. I love my Fluerville diaper bag! It fits everything and looks great! For a wonderful website with TONS of links to fabulous stuff and baby gear go to I lived by this website while I was pregant!
  6. OH!!! what a fabulous site!!! THANK U SO MUCH! :love:
  7. ooo thank u! I like the gucci brown trim bag - it would look so fabulous with baby barf on it hahhhaa. I am gonna see if I can find it at the gucci store out here. The baby 101 site is gonna save my life for the other showers and nephews and neices that I have. woot!
  8. hi monablu --

    try searching in the handbags and purses section -- there's a few threads about diaper bags and people's opinions. personally, i've gone through about 8 (backpacks, coach, kate spade, you name it). basically, when the babies are newborn, you need to carry a ton of stuff, and as they get older, you only need a few things (plus your own). the hammitt bag is super cool, and i loved it. i ordered it, but it was just so darn heavy (because it's leather). and, i learned my lesson with my coach tote (also being leather). i currently use a SkipHop (esp. when it's rainy) since it's unisex. and i can put all my kids' stuff in there, and then carry a "real" purse for me if i want. Or, when it's not raining, i use my balenciaga day bag (hobo style). one thing i've discovered are diapee wippees (available online at a bunch of places) since they can help you turn any bag into a diaper bag. they carry the diapers and wipes and keep them contained.
  9. A friend of mine used this as her diaper bag. I'm not sure how big it needs to be but she did fine with it. She absolutely REFUSED to carry a typical diaper bag looking diaper bag if you know what I mean. :lol:
  10. You're welcome! I hope it comes in handy. It was my bible during pregnancy. Also, check out and FAbulous accessories, blankets (loved the little giraffe blankies, hooded towels, etc.) and everything else under the sun- including diaper bags. Good luck!!!!:P
  11. I bought my DH a blue camo Hop Skip diaper bag - it's awesome because it can be worn across the chest, on a shoulder or the strap adjusts to fit across the back of the stroller. IT's also pretty inexpensive - under $60.
    I REALLY recommend the Kate Spade nylon bags as well. I actually put mine in the washer on handwash {:gasp! Yes, you read that right} and it comes out BRAND NEW again!