cutest cookies ever :)

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  1. [​IMG]

    and they were yummy too although i felt really really bad eating them! :smile:
  2. :heart::drool::heart:!!
  3. I remember those cookies!! I always asked my parents for them but I never ate them when I got them, haha!
  4. AWWWW! Did you make them?

    I loved the Elmo cookies from Mrs.Fields - the chocolate chip ones with the frosting face.(I remember wanting to try them after seeing them on an episode of Newlyweds.)

    I also remember buying Gromit cookies from Waitrose. He had a shortbread head, a marzipan nose, chocolate ears and icing eyes.
  5. haha o my god i wish i could make something that adorable and detailed :smile: i could never

    i bought them when i was getting a bagel the other day, they said handmade so someone did a great job but alas it wasnt me :smile: !!!!

    pooh and tigger are my favorite ever, i have a tattoo of them haha i got it my 1st one years and years ago and i love it! its my childhood! :smile: something i remember fondly!
  6. looks very yummy but too cute to eat!
  7. There so cute! I would unfortunattly have to bite the head off Tigger! He just looks to yummy!
  8. Aww cute cookies!^-^
  9. Cute AND delicious!!!! what an awesome combination! Good thing you took a picture of them before you ate them!!! :smile: the person that made them definitely did a good job!

    my stomach just growled haha. :P
  10. They're so cute I don't know how you could eat them!.... Actually I do, they're making my tummy rumble just looking at the pictures :drool:
  11. They're so cute!! I always have problems eating animal crackers and cookies in the shape of anything cute.
  12. mmmm I love those cookies!!
  13. Really cute! Glad to hear the taste was not compromised with all the cuteness!
  14. Awww.. these are soo cute !
  15. Those are adorable!! Did you get them at a chain cookie store like Mrs. Fields? I'm so tempted to try them!