Cutest Bag from Bluefly

  1. I've never purchased this brand before, but I saw it on eBay and thought it was the cutest! It's made by Tocca, and it was 40 percent off and then I used the Bluefly code for another 15 percent off.

    What do you think?

  2. gorgeous!
  3. soo cute!
  4. Wow, I LOVE the buttons and handles. I actually have seen some awesome Tocca bags, but never really bought any. This one is VERY unique and gorgeous, DEFINATELY something I would have chosen also.
  5. Oh, thank you! You've made me feel great about my choice. After all was said and done, this bag was $397, including shipping. I love the buttons on the front. I saw the bag this morning and was thinking about it all day!
  6. very nice purchase.
  7. Very cute! I love the color too:yes:
  8. Oooh I like. The color and shape is great.
  9. Very trendy! Congrats on your new bag!
  10. Very very very cute bag. I love the colors, studs, and design. That purse is right down my alley.
  11. I usually hit Bluefly everyday to see what's new and what's on sale. I had seen the Tocca bags and liked them, but never heard of them so I had no idea of the quality. How's the leather and workmanship on your bag. Looks pretty good in the pic. :yes:
  12. what an adorable bag! i must check out this brand thanks for sharing
  13. I'll let you know as soon as it arrives. It' s my first Tocca but it was too cute IMO to resist!
  14. I saw this bag on Friday and thought it was cute too. I'm glad ohter people like it too!!! I didn't buy it, but I definitely think it's a perfect little bag!!!!
  15. Love your new bag!