Cutest animal?

  1. The hug a penguin thread prompted me to consider which animal I think is the cutest....It's a hard question, so don't rush into your answer! I think I've narrowed it down to baby penguins, baby chicks and baby elephants...Anyone else?

    Can you tell I'm procrastinating about a project at work :p
    chick.jpg elephant2.jpg penguins.jpg
  2. No question, it has to be Knut!


  3. Baby sweet and fluffy :smile:

    Although I would have to say that the TWO cutest animals on earth are my Chihuahuas! ;)
  4. Oh my gosh, this has to be one of the cutest things I've ever seen!!!!!! :heart::heart::heart:

  5. haha they are alllll cute!!
  6. they are all so cute, but my favorite is the polar bear.
  7. Pandas and pugs!
  8. I want to hug ALL of the animals above!! :love::love::love:
    Nice to know that my thread got you inspired alwaysinvogue LOL!
    BTW.. I want to take about 5 of those penquins in the first post and just cuddle with them! So fluffy! So cute!
  9. The chinchillas creep me out, always have. But I love Knut.
  10. ^^ They do look like little aliens.
    I'd have to go with Pandas.
  11. All baby animals are adorable but I'd have to say my favorite is (are?) kittens!!! At there are some pics of a baby scottish fold that would melt even the most cat-hating heart!

  12. THAT is the cutest darn thing I've seen in a long time!!!
  13. Those chinchillas are ADORABLE! But I still like penguins the best! <br><br> Has anyone seen the youtube video of baby sloths in a box? I forget if I found it here or on another forum. :smile:
  14. baby animal anything is cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!