Cute Yellow Bag For Spring 2007?

  1. I really like this bag. I thought the style and shape were cute - and the color is kinda cool. I'm usually more into browns, oranges, blues...I don't know....ANYTHING except yellow, but I have this bag in a beautiful saddle brown and black and just had to see if this lighter shade would be cute for Spring. Do you think that yellow is a pretty good neutral color? I mean, if you have like a pink outfit, wouldn't a brown bag be better than a yellow one? I don't know. I need you guys! Help!!!:wtf:
    79082467_3.jpg 79082467_1-1.jpg
  2. I happen to think that bag is very cute.

    I see it paired with a simple jeans skirt, a cute little white tshirt or peasant blouse and sandals. See how it would make a plain outfit POP?
  3. Love that bag! Who makes it? This bad would be cute even wearing black.
  4. i think ladysalesrep is right, it would really make an outfit POP (the yellow bag). it's really up to you because i could imagine the brown one looking very cute too.
  5. Who makes this bag? It's adorable. And I like the shade of yellow.
  6. it's cute!!
    where can i buy it??lol!
  7. I like this color better than the grey one you posted in another thread!
  8. Really? Better than the grey?
  9. The yellow bag is in-why be boring & stick to the same old brown & black?

    It would go with a lot more than you think-red, green, you name it. Yellow is a base color of a lot of other colors.
  10. Yeah, you so came to the wrong place to be talked out of buying things...

    That is a lovely bag and a very versitile color.
  11. I LOVE yellow bags! I have one already but I'm still on a search for another. That one is very cute. Who's the designer?
  12. jchiara,
    do u mind to tell us where to buy this beauty?hehehe...
    i loveeee this so much. seriously!:p

    and yeah, it better than the grey;)
  13. Try Tano, there are so many beauties this season in lemon yellow. The romantic , shopper, boogie bucket, carmen monoxide. BTW, thats a knock off of a Tano style from Fall!
  14. Tee hee Alexandra!!! You're probably right!:nuts: It sort of reminded me of a tweaked Sex Bomb Crunch....which I adore....that's funny!:rolleyes: In any case guys, it's by Melie Bianco if you can believe it! I've never owned one, but my sister came over with it in brown and I fell off my chair. It was so cute. When I looked at the label I was like "Oh! It's a MELIE BIANCO????" (like I was really shocked) and she's so sweet - she just was like "is that good?":roflmfao: In any case, they're very sweet and I think I like it a lot too. I had my eye on a grey one. That's what I ended up getting my sis for her birthday and then my mother-in-law saw it and was "That's what I want for Mother's Day!" So all in all, our family seems to be decked out in these funny Bianco bags. Not something that will last forever and a day, but certainly adorable none the less!
  15. Here are some more pictures...
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