Cute winter coat HELP?!

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  1. I am hoping you all might have some suggestions for a fall winter coat. I've been looking high and low and havent found anything i love yet.

    I'm looking for a mid thigh/ above the knee coat. I would love it to be trapeze, a-line or swing styled. Something a little funky- puff sleeves, bell sleeves, high collar.

    Any suggestions!!???
  2. I love this: IRO Wrap Jacket (under $500)

  3. I just bought my first Mackage jacket from Saks and have fallen totally in love with the brand, so my recommendation is biased but I think this is really darling:


    Classic but still modern and kind of funky. Mackage Italian Wool Coat @ for $660.00.

    And here are some other Mackage coats that are on SALE at Saks!
  4. both cute, but unfortunately out of my price range right now... definately lokoing for uner $300. thanks though!!
  5. J Crew has some really nice coats and they have lots of fun colors too
  6. Love the Mackage!!!
  7. i haven't looked at anything from this season but banana republic usually has some nice coats for a decent price.
  8. i like the the mackage jacket.. looks ellegant...
  9. I noticed you live in Brooklyn. I went to some random outlet the other day on the corner of 36th St and 13th avenue and they had a bunch of wool peacoats going for $59. Lot's of Larry Levines, Calvin Kleins, Ann Kleins, Liz Claibornes, and I even saw a couple of Taharis. The good ones are obviously going really quickly but it's a great deal so if you live close by you should definitely check it out. Tahari and Calvin Klein cashmere sweaters for $10 bucks a pop. Oh, and I also picked up a pair of Jessica Simpson flat ankle booties and two Kate Spade pumps for $29 each. This is only my second time going there but I think it's really a hit or miss - quite like Beacon's Closet but with new clothing instead.
  10. ^^^ oh darkblue, how i miss brooklyn so!! reading that made my heart ache to go back. i will definitely have to check out this outlet next time i'm there!!
  11. Well, it's a bit more casual, it's like the material of hoodies, but the Le Tigre peacoat on has a really cute fit, and if you aren't digging the green color, Zappos has it in black too, or you can also price match the green one (since fredflare has the 25% off code going on right now) at Zappos and get it shipped free overnight for about $109ish.

    I ordered the black one off Zappos, it's coming to me tomorrow :}

  12. how about something from jcrew or banana. i alwyas love their coats
  13. I find cute coats at Zara every year. Reasonably priced too!!

    This year, I got a black plaid one that reminds me of the 3.1 phillip lim plaid coat (except this has a fitted waist which is good for my shape).

    I would also look at because they have lots of cute styles that are reasonably priced (though what prevents me from buying from them is that everyone in my friend circle ends up with a coat from there).

    Cute options:


    (right now it's over $300 but with the 10% off coupon code "mystate011" it becomes under $300)
  14. Try, they have nice coats there plus very reasonably priced too!
  15. thanks everyone...
    still searching, i actually bought a vintage pattern of a swing coat off of ebay, that I'm going to try and get made, something like the red one.

    snoopylaughs- i love that coat, i actually tried it on last week but i already have sweatshirt/coat that is really similiar so i passed, but congrats on your purchase its soo cute.

    pghandbag- i look at uo all the time, but the same goes for me, just about every third person in brooklyn (where I live) has one of those coats, so i really wanted something different. i did see a really cute gray funnel neck coat at zara but i didnt think it was actually a winter coat. thanks again!

    the search continues...