Cute & Wearable Running Shoes

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  1. I have been looking forever for a pair of cute and functional running shoes, does anyone know a good pair?
  2. I don't know if they're for running but I use them for sports and fitness, it's the Nike Danzante... I even had a pair done via Nike-ID
  3. I really like the Puma speedcats, I have 4 pairs in different colous since I love them so much ! I have a bunch of cross trainers, and I don't find they're as comfortable for running. Plus if you ever get into really demanding on the ankle stuff like dancing (especially break dancing), they're excellent !

  4. I love nike Shox! I've had them personalized through Nike ID, super fun :biggrin: I think I have four pairs :shame:
  5. I wear Asics. They're very comfortable, and cute! I paid around $90 for them.
  6. Definitly Nikes. I have the CUTEST nikes that are dark pink/light pink/ silver. :smile:

    You can go on their website and personalize a pair of your own, you get to pick the colors and everything!
  7. i really like nike shox, they come in a ton of colors (and they're customizible through, like was previously said). i have a pair that are neon yellow, silver, grey, and white.

  8. I have pink and silver nike running shoes, too. :biggrin: I wore them out, though. So I bought a pair of addidas, I like them, but they're not what I would consider cute. They're too colorful, red, white and blue! But they're a great running shoe, very comfortable, and for the price I paid, I had to buy them.
  9. I like royal elastics. But I don't do any workouts in them. But they are great for the weekends.

    I have these...

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  10. I like the Nike Shox for running and workout. I don't ever wear them for anything else. I also change my workout shoes every few months and that's the only time I wear them outside of the gym. You should also check out the new Nike 360. That's what I'm going to try on this weekend to check if it will be good for my heels. I have heel spurs so I'm really careful with my shoes.
  11. yay for pink running shoes! :smile:

    Mine are like, Nike air or something-- I tried on the shox and they just didn't seem comfortable to me. I felt like they were a little too clunky when I tried them on- like my heel was too far from the ground. :-P My shoes feel like I'm running on comfy, supportive pillows! :smile: My only problem with them, is I picked them up in an 8, and they make me feet look tres big. So when I'm going to the gym, I wear my NB grey sneakers--- because they're 7 1/2 and they make my feet look tiny!!!! (I'm not crazy, I swear!) lol. but when running I'll sacrifice my feet looking big for superior performance.
  12. I love my Saucony's! So comfy.
  13. Nike Shox! I forgot which particular model I have, but you can't go wrong with those, especially from with NikeID!
  14. I have pink, white, and black adidas shoes. They're so comfy! :]
  15. Adidas or Nike Shox are great.