Cute video: "Childproof Drawer"

  1. That's so cute. I love the sound of a baby giggling.
  2. SO cute! thanks for posting. ;)
  3. Adorable.
  4. Hehehe. That's adorable. It's funny how pets and kids can enjoy the same gag over and over and over.....

    For a sec I was scared the baby's hand would get slammed in the drawer though.
  5. aw so cute :smile:
  6. lol, that is too cute!
  7. Precious.
    The doggie is almost as cute as the child!
    Watching that I was afraid that the little guy was going to get his fingers smashed in the drawer.....:sad:
  8. very cute looks as if they'll never get bored of opening and closing that drawer
  9. So cute!
  10. Yeah, me too. :sweatdrop:
  11. :cutesy:
  12. ^ :lol: Thanks for posting those, too cute!