Cute V-day Present Idea

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  1. Personalized M&Ms for your special someone for $34! you can put your own personalized message and colors. here's their site:

    It's kinda cute and cool but if you plan to do, order it NOW or it won't come in time!
  2. Very cute idea! Yummy too!
  3. What a cute idea :biggrin:
  4. So cute! :heart:
  5. I think I'd appreciate those more than my boyfriend would. haha.
  6. That's exactly my thought as well. But who knows, anyone could be a sentimental chocolate lover...hehe!
  7. Thanks for sharing such a cute idea!!!!!!!:smile:
  8. That's adorable !!
  9. Oh no's such a cute economical gift...had to share with u guys!