Cute Tracksuits?

  1. I am really yearning for a nice tracksuit! I like Juicy's styling, but I would like to go for one that's less expensive and maybe with some fun details on it. I am still in my late teens, so keep that in mind with price and styling! ;) I had actually planned on getting one from, but they sold out on the matching track pants :sad:

    And also can anybody recommend any really good sales on cold weather gear?
  2. I would go with BCBG. They have them at discount places like Ross, Marshalls and TJ Maxx for $15-30 per piece. All the regular stores are starting to have GREAT sales on winter wear-- just keep checking...
  3. Thanks! :smile: I have been looking at the BCBG ones at my TJ Maxx, but they never seem to have them in my size :sad:
  4. I love adidas tracksuits!!
  5. Victoria's Secret sometimes has cute suits.
  6. bebe sport! I love thier stuff. It's like 140 -160 for one whole outfit. So def. cheaper than juicy.