Cute Summer find at Target! Insta-Reveal!

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  1. Went to "Tar-jays" to find a TV stand for my son's room & I found something un-expected! A cute Ed Hardy satchel that's perfect for Spring Summer for less than $100 ($92.00 total with TX sales tax)! Yeah it's not real leather but still the cut-ness factor makes up for it my opinion! Please forgive my bad photography, not all the pics would upload either. It came with a Cute dustbag (although a bit small & squishes the bag when stuffed) that has the Tiger head design, & a long shoulder strap that you can attach to the brass rings on the sides of the bag. It is the perfect size (between The Gucci Medium & Small Joy Bostons (again, could not get all pics to load).

    Oh crap I had the pictures on here but they won't show up for some reason!
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    Ok, sorry everyone, my pictures were showing when I submitted this thread, I don't know what happened, allow me to work on this!
  3. Sounds cute! I don't have a Myspace account, so I can't see the photos. You could either attach them to your post, or you can load on photobucket and link them that way.
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    Yay, here we go, I guess the photos were too big so I had to do some major cropping! Here is a modeling pic, I'm kinda shy![​IMG] I'm waiting for the other pics to load to my album.....
  5. Here's an upclose veiw of the front & back of the bag. The back has yellow embroidery on the leaves. Cute!


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    & Finally here's an up-close pic of the signature lining that also has the famous Tiger Head Tattoo design. The inside of the bag has a Zipper compartment, slip pocket & cell phone pocket. Great bag for those rainy Sprin/Summer Days when I don't want ot carry my LV Azur Speedy! Oh yeah, 1 more thing, the bag has brass feet on the bottom too!

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    Ahhh I guess nobody besides Bagluver is interested. Is it because the title of my thread says Target & not Saks 5th Avenue or something....Lol, just kidding :rolleyes:! It could be that not many ppl like Ed Hardy brand or Christian Audigier's designs. Or maybe it's because it took me a lil' bit to upload the pics? :shrugs:
  8. I didn't know Target carried Ed Hardy. Is this a Texas thing or what because I haven't seen them selling it in Wisconsin?

    OP: I love Target too, no worries :smile:
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    Lol! Nobody was more surprised than me that I found licensed Ed Hardy stuff at Target! I was looking at furniture & then at toys for my son & then I saw a table with a sign that said Un-expected Brands for un-expected prices or something like that! They had shirts too but the bags caught my eye, I don't know of any leather Ed Hardy bags so far but this was cute & just my style that I thought what the hay!
  10. Who new ed Hardy at Target? very cute.
  11. Thanks! I was getting worried that you ladies might not like it! Im thrilled with it, Hehe, we all need a cute bag to substitute for those days that we don't wanna carry our super high-end bags!
  12. congrats!!
  13. Thank you beljwl!
  14. It's really cute!
  15. Thanks ArmCandyLuvr!