cute story regarding Pochette with JC bracelet/extender

  1. I was at my LV store two days before and asked my SA if she could order the Accordeon chain for me even though I didn't own the actual wallet. She said no problem. She called me the very next day and said that she had found one chain in their "repair" area and it would be around $60 plus she also had my new Amarante inclusion bracelet.

    So I went back to the store the same day to pick up both items and while I was there, I showed my SA the Juicy Couture starter bracelet that I was using as an extender on my Mono Pochette. (Thanks to tryagain for the great idea!)

    My SA LOVED the JC starter bracelet with the Pochette! She brought my Pochette over to the other two SAs to show them and they were all excited to see it and loved it! I told them that they could buy the JC bracelet at Bloomindales and Nordstrom. They all wanted to take their breaks to go to the Bloomies in the mall!!

    Even though I was able to pick up the Accordeon chain, I'm really glad that my SA liked the JC starter bracelet!!

    So, I left LV and went over to Bloomies to look around and stopped by the Juicy Couture jewelery counter. While I was looking at the charms, my SA walked over and saw me and started laughing. So we looked at charms/bracelets and she asked the Bloomies SA to hold/search for the JC bracelet for her and her co-workers since Bloomies only had one bracelet available (although it was a return and the box was messed up).

    I just thought it was cute that the LV SAs loved the JC bracelet and wanted to go buy it immediately for use with their own pochettes!!!

    (By the way, my SA only charged me $30 for the Accordeon chain and I bought my Amrante bracelet but now I need to exchanged it since I found a white streak in the bracelet. I'll post pics later.....)
  2. Awesome! Can you please post a pic of it on your pochette for me?
  3. Nice story & cute idea! I have a JC bracelet, I should try that...
  4. Funny story!

    PS. I had an inclusion bracelet with the white streaks too, now there are three persons on tpf with those issues...
  5. I have bought 4 inclusion bracelets so far (black, beige, framboise and transparent) thru elux and they've all been perfect. I like saving on the tax and going through e.b.a.t.e.s. but looks like this time I will have to buy at the boutique to make sure I get a good one considering all the imperfection issues with this color.
  6. thats hysterical

  7. It seems that alot of the Amarante inclusion bracelets have the little streaks.... even when you think you've found the "perfect" bracelet, you take it home and suddenly you see a little white streak that you didn't see in the store due to the lighting.

    I've already exchanged my bracelet once and have been to a total of three stores and will go to a fourth store this weekend to see if they have a better Amarante inclusion bracelet. If it doesn't work out, then I'll just keep the bracelet that I have but it's just not as perfect as my previous inclusion bracelets. Oh well!
  8. I love your story. I love Vuitton SA's, they are so nice and down to earth!