Cute story about H Birkin on

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  1. Husband Helpers (The Bag Snob)

    Every Christmas Bag Snob is besieged with phone calls and emails from frantic husbands trying to find the perfect bag for their wives. One year a Hollywood producer called me while standing bewildered in Gucci, producing blockbuster movies that have raked in over $200 million he can handle (The Rookie, The Miracle, and this year's The Invincible with Mark Wahlberg), but deciding between a tote or evening clutch? Clueless! This year, I received the most fabulous request, a husband who not only wanted a great bag for his wife, but a husband who insists that the bag be none other than the highly coveted Hermes Birkin! Now that's what I call a keeper :smile: After many phone calls and visits to Hermes in Beverly Hills, New York, and Highland Park, I finally found one that is perfect for his wife. In a divine shade of Vert Fonce (a very rare and hard to get color) with palladium hardware, this is a gem that I thought of keeping for myself. (You'd think with six birkins and two kelly bags I'd be satisfied but Hermes is a like a drug and it is never enough, I think it's something they put into the leather that's so addictive.) Of course I did the right thing and sent the birkin off to it's new owner's anxious husband. I know it is going to a good home and I'll be able to visit often. :smile:


    I love the responses of the guy she helped and the wife who received the gift. :nuts:
  2. Wow, vert fonce.... to give up that bag must have cost an enormous amount of will power....
  3. WOW...I usually don't go for that color family, but if I had it in my would be tough!
  4. I was offered a vert fonce birkin in Fjord right before thanksgiving, I wasn't to crazy about it, no attraction at all.

    But now I wonder if thats the one she bought.
  5. I'm familar with vert anis, but not vert fonce. May I ask what color that is?
  6. [​IMG]

    Found this on one of the threads when I did a "vert fonce" search. Baggs, does the color look right?
  7. Great story! No doubt it took a lot of willpower to give up that baby! I'm sure the recipient is over the moon!
  8. That is a nice story!
  9. OMG - that's soo sweet!

  10. Yup! It's too forest green for me. This bag is def. for a fair skinned redhead with green eys.
  11. Oh I would love this color. Very close to my eye color.

    Cute story!
  12. wow, what a sweet story! think i'm going to have to send that link to DH :smile:
  13. Don't you just love DHs that are not afraid to get help when they feel clueless. Now I wonder what her comission was for hunting down that bag....