Cute Soccer Mom Outfits

  1. Hello beautiful fashionistas!

    Ok, so my son has just started his first season of soccer, which means I am officially a soccer mom (worry not, my pretties... I will not be trading in my "hot mom Jetta" for a minivan anytime soon).

    But I do want to be the fashionista on the soccer field. Obviously watching my son and cheering him on is, of course, my top priority... but there's no shame in looking uber-cute while doing it... right?

    So... what should I wear? The weather is going to be in the mid-70's and partly cloudy this weekend...

    For point of reference, I have every cut of denim imaginable... bootcut, flare, skinny, straight, trouser... you name it.... in all colors (light, medium, dark, black :p )... so I need ideas...

    I anxiously await your replies *tapping fingers on desk while spontaneously clicking the 'Reload' button*
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    Well...I'm pretty new at being a soccer mom (only one season under my belt) but I have noticed that there seems to be a variety of styles happening on the field. From ultra chic (heels and all) to running shoes/sandals with shorts and T-shirts.

    Will you be cheering along the sidelines? Or sitting in a chair? I saw one mom reading a book while attending on of the games. I think she finished the book by the end of the season.

    Myself, I like to be casual. T-shirts with shorts or jeans with nice sandals or wedges. If I want to look nice I wore a blouse with jeans. I'm one of those lazy moms who doesn't want to lug around a lawn chair or blanket. I usually stand as the game is only about 50 min.
  3. I will be standing or sitting on the blanket in the grass.

    (I can't imagine reading a book while my little man is out there runnin his butt off. I'm there to cheer him on, not just to transport him)

    I was kinda thinkin maybe roll up cargo pants and a fitted white tshirt with flip flops and a denim jacket...
  4. I am a soccer mom too. During the cooler weather, lots of Juicy Couture track jacket with jeans and Abercrombie track pants. During warmer weather, I do cargo pants and shorts with fitted tee shirt. Heels don't work well if the field is wet.

    You will be one hot mami on the field :p!
  5. I heard bringing martaritas to the games for the parents will make you look fabulous.

    JK. I think as long as theres no Mom-jeans involved, you'll be good. Good luck to your soon for soccer season! what position is he playing?
  6. nhung, I would soo never wear heels. I'm not the most coordinated person. I'd end up falling and instead of being the hot soccer mom, I'd be the clutzy soccer mom. LOL

    MACsarah, I was thinking lattes, but margaritas work LOL

    There are positions in soccer? hahaha. I seriously know NOTHING about the game. I just yell "get in there!" "run!" "good job!" "defense!" LOL. I listen to what other people say. My poor child. I guess I should read up on this sport. Its the one sport I know nothing about...
    note to self: learn soccer lingo
  7. lol

    NOte to self: bring something for parents when it's my turn to bring snacks for team.
  8. PG79! You are the cutest! Good luck to your little one

    I'm picturing JackieO shades, a colorful preppy, yet sexy, polo and Bermudas - if it's too cold - go with dark skinny jeans and ballet flats - I would say wear a sundress or polo dress, but sitting on a blanket and getting up and down in a skirt may be difficult. A camera in your bag is a must - jewels: I would keep it simple with a watch, but maybe some funky earrings or over sized pearls. HTH xoxo
  9. Ok, seasoned soccer mom here....I usually wear some cute jeans (skinny jeans or bootcut) cute flats and a sweater if it gets cold. Remember they mow those fields frequently, so dont wear shoes that might get grass stains. The cutest moms on the field IMO are the ones that wear some cute track suit or warm up suit, hair up, makeup done and a great pair of sunnies on.
  10. i think elle macpherson has some great looks - google her and heaps of images come up - she has that great ballet flat, jeans, great sweater/coat look going on which I think is classic chic and perfect IMO
  11. The games can be early and the grass is usually wet with dew. Do not wear shoes you really love. Lately, I've worn Hunters with skinny jeans, t-shirt and light jacket. You may want to go to your local Target or sporting goods store and invest in a chair in a bag. I'm not sure what they are really called but it beats sitting in the grass and you will notice that most people have them. I keep two in the trunk at all times.
  12. Jeneen, You're so sweet :smile: I hadn't even considered the polo and bermudas *gasp*... what is wrong with me for missing that one? LOL. My legs may end up freezing but I think it may just be worth it hehe

    needanotherbag, I was thinking about skinnies with cheapie ballet flats, but then I'm lost as far as what I should wear on top. It won't be especially cold (probably around 70* when he plays), but honestly, I'm not sure what else to pair skinnies with aside from a cute chunky knit sweater. I thought about my Juicy tracksuit but I don't think its cold enough yet... plus, since I've dropped a few sizes since I purchased it last year, the top fits fine but the bottoms are so baggy they just hang off my butt... which isn't such a good look.

    alij78, I'm going to google her right now...Thank you!

    ohbytheway, Yeah I definitely won't wear shoes I really love... cheap Target (as in Tar-jay :graucho:) ballet flats are a must.


    On a cute note, my lovely, perfect, sweet, not-so-soccer-mom-fashion-minded boyfriend asked me this morning "baby, why don't you just throw on a pair of jeans a hoodie and your sneakers and call it good?". I think the initial look on my face when he said it made him realize he was waaay off because he followed that up with "or something like that...?". Oh the horror... of pairing running shoes with denim. I patiently explained to him why that is so wrong and even offered to show him that we have a thread here dedicated to that very thing. He, of course, smiled and said "no matter what you wear, you're gonna look hot anyway"... well played boyfriend, well played.
  13. While the weather is still transitioning (I don't know where you live), I would maybe wear cotton 3/4 lenth shirts and then bring a light jacket. The polos would work equally well and then the light jacket for when the sun goes down :tup:

    I also think skinnies and ballet flats with sunnies will look great!
  14. It's funny. I see a wide range of mom styles being a SAHM. I see everything from really bad pink hoodies to really cute chic outfits. I agree with the poster that said don't wear any good shoes. I have a pair of short Hunter wellies and love them. But if it is going to be 70, they might get kind of hot.
  15. I ended up wearing my R&R skinnies, a Guess tunic with a camisole underneath, and my cheapie ballet flats... and my big Juicy sunnies (not pictured)

    My dbf said I looked like a I guess that's all that matters :p