Cute Smoking Flats from Chiara Ferragni

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  1. We have seen lots of smoking flats, and with the exception of some that are a bit over the top, many are so very cute.

    We feature them a fair bit on TalkShoes, and I always want to grab a pair.

    This week, we featured these from Chiara Ferragni, and I particularly wanted to share them because in addition to being charming, the price point is very accessible, as these things go :heart:

    And these, well these are among the cutest ones I have seen in a while...

  2. Cute!!
  3. I was eyeing on a pair of her glitter flats with lipstick. I was wondering on their sizing. Are they TTS?
  4. I will send out a request for that information! If you pull the trigger and get a pair, please come back and let us know (and see) :smile:
  5. I've never tried them on, and I don't think anyone from our team has - but they are really cute. If you get a pair def let us know how they fit and if you love them!!
  6. Iim not brave to pull the trigger yet haha... I'm waiting for someone who would and share us the fit and comfort level.
  7. Megs, send me a pair, and I will make the sacrifice!

    I will wear them, and report back promptly! :biggrin:
    PM me for size info :lol:
  8. Hello, thinking of buying the flats from louisaviaroma next month. Anyone can give guide on the sizing now?

  9. we really need some intel on the sizing on these...anyone?
  10. They're very cute! I'm a big fan of Chiara-- she really has great style. If anyone pulls the trigger on these they should definitely do a review!