Cute shoes on sale at South Moon Under (Pucci, M by MJ)

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  1. I just wanted to share the great deals I just got in the hopes that another TPF member can also take advantage. I just bought four pairs of shoes from the sale section at for $50/pair, 3 Pucci and 1 M by MJ. I am posting pics of the ones I bought but there are other great deals there as well. Code SUMMER gets you free shipping and if you are NOT shopping the sale section, TOUTIE gets you 20% off the rest of the site (but you can only use one code).

    M by MJ denim wedge $49.95:

    Pucci print slide $49.95:

    Pucci espadrille $49.95:

    Pucci ankle wrap wedge $49.95:
  2. Thanks so much!!! I just got the Pucci wedges...that is an amazing deal!!!
  3. Thanks for posting, the last ones are cute, and inexpensive to boot.
  4. Wow...great deals! So cute!!
  5. Hi! Is the SUMMER free shipping only for orders over $150?

    Annemerrick, did you have to pay shipping since you only ordered the Puccis? Thanks!

  6. Yes...the shipping was $6.99!!
  7. The Pucci one is sooo cute!!!
    But no size 6 or 7 left... =(
    Thanks for posting
  8. Just ordered the Pucci espadrilles...thanks, jill:love:
  9. I am so glad that a few of my fellow TPFers were able to score! Just one quick warning, double check every receipt you get to make sure your sizes are correct. One of my shoe pairs was switched to a different size somewhere along the way but I caught it. If something is wrong, I found customer service to be very helpful and very easy to get a hold of.