Cute shoes in Macy's catalog!

  1. Okay, you know I didn't like the patchwork, but I do like these:

    Tammie wedges, $168.

    I looked on but didn't see them.

  2. Those are absolutely adorable krispin. But I think I'd have to wear solid colors to pull off a shoe like that since the patterns are very busy.
  3. Oh those ARE cute. I love the style but would love to see them in the scribble print.

    I was at Macy's the other day and they had the Mayra Wedge sandal in a light ivory color (I think they called it "sand" but I am not sure). I LOVED the color - it just seems perfect for spring/summer.

    They also had some straw tote bags that I haven't seen in the boutiques... they have leather and suede colored patches around the top and a small turnlock pouch on the front. Really Cute!

    Sounds like a trip to Macy's is in order for this weekend. :smile:
  4. The watercolor shoes are cute too. Waiting to see if they come out in a sneaker style. I can wear an 8, even though I have FAT feet.
  5. ohhhh those are so cute :smile:
  6. I also saw these today in the recent Nordstrom's catalog.
  7. Very cute!