Cute Reveal

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  1. Managed to go into the store to collect these very cute brooches...they are purchased in a set of three. I like the bear the best:smile:

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  2. Very nice shalomjude!! The Louis Vuitton logo brooch matches the new mens stole :smile:
  3. Thanks .. I saw that in the store.. it is really nice but just too warm now to contemplate a stole:smile:
  4. Gorgeous :smile:
  5. :yes: cute..congrats.
  6. Thanks ... the bear is much larger than the other ones.

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  7. Congrats!

    U always have the most unique purchase!
  8. Thanks .. you have some beautiful purchases too .. now just waiting again:graucho:
  9. Aaww.. They're cute indeed..:biggrin: Congrats!!;)
  10. They are really cute!:smile:
  11. nice - congrats!
  12. very cute! congrats!
  13. Congrats! I agree with you. The bear is the greatest one! :smile:
  14. Cute! Oh Shalom, every time I think of the Raindrop, I think of you lol
  15. Very cool! Congrats!