Cute refills for small Agendas?

  1. I've been wondering, what kind of cute Agenda refills are out there?! :girlsigh:

    I just got the black epi Agenda PM last week and wanna add a little bit of color for 2007 and not just "plain" Vuitton or Filofax ones.

    I actually was planning on buying a Cerises refill, but found out that those aren't even made anymore :crybaby: (I REALLY thougt you could re-order them :confused1:)

    I remember someone on here mentioning Hello Kitty refills, but so far I only found one of them on Ebay. No store in my area seems to have them. I didn't even find a Hello Kitty Agenda?!

    So if anyone has cute ideas for me ..... :flowers:
  2. Someone here said (sorry I don´t remember who:flowers: ) that they use sanrios refills. I checked out Ebay and found cute Hello kitty ones. So maybe check Ebay out.
  3. just what I said ;) However this is only ONE item on worldwide Ebay?! That can't be all, can it? I checked the Sanrio Online store, but they had no refills. Kinda weird :shrugs:
  4. Yeah I didn´t read it with much thought:lol: I found a few at
  5. a few?! what did you search for? :wtf:

    i usually run a worldwide search and just got 2 refills from a HK seller (one Hello Kitty, one My Melody)
  6. In those panda ones there aren´t any dates, that would bother me.

    I´m really surprised at how low the supply is.
  7. Yep, that's another thing I don't like.

    I think I'll go with one of their refills:


    Probably the Charmmy Kitty one, but before I'll check an asian store here in my hometown. I just remebered that I walk by them almost everyday and they have a "we have hello kitty items" sign in there window, but so far I've never been in there. :idea: Maybe I'm lucky!
  8. Oh the Charmmy kitty is very cute too! Hope you get lucky either way!
  9. lol ... definitely gotta have a kitty *meow*
  10. I have a bunch from the local stationary store, they're way cheaper than Vuitton and so much more cute ! :yes:
  11. That is a popular size in Asia countries. Try China Town or any other Asian stores if there is any around you!
  12. wow..cute stuff..I agree better than adhesive notes from LV the rest get it from stationary store.
  13. yep, especially with the black epi ... if I had a MC one, I'd stick to the regurlar ones or it would be overdone, but with sleek, subtle outside I think it's ok to spice it up with some color :love: