cute red Kate Spade bag

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  1. If the LV epi Speedy in red is not in your budget this bag might not be a bad alternative. It's on sale at Nordstrom for $331.90.
    What do ya think?
  2. pretty, I like it a lot.
  3. totally love the colour!!! :smile:
  4. Love the red! Nice hardware too.
  5. I saw that yesterday! I'm thinking....
  6. Preety cute! KS makes great handbags, I've had 3 of them and they have been wonderful!
  7. I like it too. I was just reading that a red bag is a great investment, as it really is a seasonless color.
  8. Nice color! I had a Kate Spade bag that was very similar, but a pretty blue color. I recently sold it on eBay.
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