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  1. oh, cute! i really like this idea. the bags are so pretty, too
  2. Fabulous idea! AND great bags!
  3. Recycled leather? Who knew. Great idea.
  4. Oh I think that is a really cool idea. I definitely like some of her bags.
  5. #6 Jan 23, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 23, 2009
    As an environmental enthusiast, I love, love this idea of reusing and recycling. And, I'm really not being biased here, some of her bags are REALLY cute and unique in design.

    It's a shame you can't order or see the price right where you view the bags...
    I would order not only to support her concept of recycled materials but b/c I love some of her bags, particularly the cormorant, large/small teal, brant, and large/small lark.
  6. wow, i've never heard of these. what a great idea! and the bags are cute, too! great find. i love the brant- i wonder how much it is??
  7. The wallets retail around 120 and the bags range from 200's to around 400 I found. HTH
  8. thanks, tatertot! i'm on a mission now! :P
  9. Hmm...200-400 bucks? I can live w/ that.
  10. my coworker got one as a christmas gift last year..(well in 2007 te he he)..and she lovesssss it..they are so pretty and because they are recycled the leather feels like butter hahaha
  11. They're really nice.
  12. ^^ and the prices arent too bad :smile: