Cute Proenza Schouler for Target bag

  1. I noticed this bag online before; today I saw a girl carrying te bag, went immediately to Target and grabbed it.
    It looks so much better in real life!
    The bag is huge, made of canvas/pleather, it probably woldn't last long but for $19.99 (they marked it down from $39.99) who cares?


    Also, there is other colorbut I like the first better.
  2. I saw a woman carrying this bag onto the plane at JFK! very cute, great sale price
  3. I like the first one, very cute.
  4. I also like the first one best...
  5. I never did get a chance to nab one of those..... I did get the messenger-style bag by PS for Target and a purple wristlet. I really wanted one of those too !!
  6. ^^^Would you mine posting pics of your messenger-style bag by PS for Target and purple wristlet? I am very interested in seeing them!!!! Thanks!!!! Lovely bags btw, novosibirsk vbmenu_register("postmenu_2599978", true); . You are so lucky, I didn't see any of those at the Target near my house.
  7. I just cant bring myself to buy a bag at Target.


    cant do it.:p
  8. Meh....I don't rely on labels to look good. I think as long as you look good, you can buy anything you like from anywhere (except fakes, because it's not ethical). I don't think people can always hide behind labels. If you don't have it, you just don't have it....
  9. ^^^But designer is always a plus....forgot to mention Just saying that it's pretty low to cut down someone who buys a bag at Target. Especially on a thread about bags from ;)
  10. Target actually has a lot of cute stuff these days. Especially since a lot of the designers are making lines especially for it. If I had been skinny enough, I would have been all over the Behnaz Sarafpour *sp* stuff.
  11. very cute!
  12. I got one of those Plaid Owl Tote bags by Paul & Joe for Target. It's a pretty cute bag & extremely roomy. (I use instead of a diaper bag when I take my granddaughter out for the day!).

    BTW, did you post pipcs of the bag you did get (today)? Becuz I didn't see any links for pics.
  13. I've seen a few pics of the new GO line for Target & I can't wait for it to reach my store. I can't think of the designer's name (for the next 3 mos), but from what I understand he's a realtively unknown, up and coming designer.

    I loved the the very first Targey GO line - I'll never be able to afford actual Luella Bartley clothing, so it was nice to be able to get a few lower priced, but high hquality items. I got a jacket from her line, and I actually saw one for her couture line that was very, very similar. I only paid $40 for mine versus the $1000+ price tag on the couture version!!

    Also, I recently read (on the Austalian Vogue Msg Forum) that Stella McCartney did a GO line for Target stores in Australia!! I wonder if there are any plans for her to do one in the US?