Cute Playground Bella Bella

  1. is a Bella..not a Bella Bella..but cute print placement!..almost like my Playground Bella Bella
  2. That's alot for a bella... I got more than 1 PG bb and I love them!!! I went through so much stress for them that I decided to keep both. They're very different placement anyway. One with the pink girl, another like julie's. B/c of that bb I got another in cammo blk.
  3. Are you sure it's not a Bella Bella... I know it's listed as a Bella but it looks way longer than my Bellas....
  4. it's a bella, but flattened a bit on the bottom. a bb has more of the print!
  5. Yeah, it's a bella -- that thing looks long. Anyways, I was looking at that, but I'm not paying that much lol. It is an awesome print placement, but can't bring myself to it.
  6. Yeah, I want a playground, but it's not much of a deal. Doesn't have placement I'd want either. :sad: