Cute pink chanel pink - any inof - plz!

  1. Hi guys...

    Please can anyone help me - i just love this print & was wondering if anyone knows any prices or any other styles of purses that are coming out???

    I just think it soooooooo cute!!!


  2. Adorable, I'm a pink fanatic myself! :smile:
  3. You should try Calling the Chanel 800 number and have them locate one for you
  4. just noticed i spelt info wrong in the thread heading ooooops!!

    thats cuz i was thinking about this print to much - i just love it- i was wondering if it comes in any bigger sizes...its just soooooo cute!!

    i know babydoll you can never go wrong with abit of pink!!
  5. It's called Baby Animals...
    Also comes in another model, a tote
    The one in the picture is $1595 and comes in pink and black.
    The other one is a Tote and comes also in black and pink and costs $1575
  6. Personally, I don't like it. I think it's very child like and not worth over 1k.. :sad: The 3 charms are cute though, would buy a keychain with them, but not a bag :smile:

  7. ITA. ...I loved this bag when I first saw it, but when I found out the price...:wtf:

    Its cute, but since its fabric, strictly for collection purposes imo.
  8. I want it...where can I get it???
    I live in NY
  9. OOoooo, the Baby Animals!!!! I have not seen it in person...but it looks so cute in the picture. If you like a fun bag - this is it!!!! I'd love to see it in black!!!
  10. i love different types of bags - if you know what i mean i love that its abit funky & different & i really really want!!!

    thanks soooooooo much for all the info - is there other items coming out in Baby Animals??
  11. From what I saw it in the look book, there was only this one and the tote.
  12. It's pretty but I think it's a bit too much.

  13. All I know of is the necklace, bracelet, earrings, and pins in the Baby Animals line. I've seen the jewlery (bought a pin) and they are cute!!!!
  14. If it is not exceed a thousand pound, I would love to have it too. I have limited budget.

    Sooooooooooo cute!
  15. i know it is really really cute!!