Cute Pink Chanel at Bluefly

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  1. If anybody is looking for a small pink Chanel bag, there is a cute one on Bluefly for $956. If you do get it, don't forget about all the 10% off discounts floating around from the win a purse game.
  2. Ohh I saw that and was about to order it... but then I was browsing ebay and saw that authentic ones in the same style sold for around $450 so I think I'll wait for ebay.

    Thanks so much for the heads up! I know a couple members were asking about that when it was featured in the spring color ad
  3. OMG NOOOOOOOOOO I didn't get to it on time. That was the Chanel I always regretted not buying when it was in stores.
  4. Oh Lord! Somebody tell me if they see another one! lol! I had a little heartattack because I missed out on this bag. They *have* started making fakes on this on Ebay. Just awful.
  5. i'll keep my eyes wide open cutiepie!
  6. Really cute bag... I'd love that for a pink bag
  7. Cute one.
  8. it's back on bluefly!
  9. It's sold out... *crying Cristina's cyber-tears*
  10. wow that went FAST! I saw one on Ebay though... so just keep looking :smile:
  11. Oh no! There's a possibility it'll pop back up. I know a lot of times people just put a bag in their shopping bag and don't actually buy it. I hope that's the case and you can get it!!
  12. Annie, I'll keep an eye out for you! In fact, I'll add it to my cart so when you're ready just tell me. I had it in my card last night but it was sold out this morning =(
  13. i love the color! its a nice bag!
  14. IntlSet - Where are you? I PM'd you. I have this bag sitting in my cart for you!!!!
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  15. Real beauty color the shade of pink.