Cute Pink Chanel at Bluefly


Feb 4, 2006
If anybody is looking for a small pink Chanel bag, there is a cute one on Bluefly for $956. If you do get it, don't forget about all the 10% off discounts floating around from the win a purse game.


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Ohh I saw that and was about to order it... but then I was browsing ebay and saw that authentic ones in the same style sold for around $450 so I think I'll wait for ebay.

Thanks so much for the heads up! I know a couple members were asking about that when it was featured in the spring color ad
Oh Lord! Somebody tell me if they see another one! lol! I had a little heartattack because I missed out on this bag. They *have* started making fakes on this on Ebay. Just awful.
IntlSet said:
It's sold out... *crying Cristina's cyber-tears*

Oh no! There's a possibility it'll pop back up. I know a lot of times people just put a bag in their shopping bag and don't actually buy it. I hope that's the case and you can get it!!