Cute picture of Jaime Pressly

  1. [​IMG]
    SAG Award nominee – and soon-to-be new mom – Jaime Pressly indulges her inner-child, cuddling up to a giant teddy bear during a recent trip to Atlantic City with deejay fiancé Eric Cubiche (not pictured).
  2. so pretty
  3. I just love her on My Name is Earl. Great pic!
  4. She is really pretty! The guy I think is not that cute!
  5. so cute:biggrin:
  6. She looks absolutely gorgeous these days.
  7. She looks happy!
  8. Isn't she good on there!
    That character must be so much fun for her to play - she really has it down.
    She looks gorgeous!
  9. She looks good.
  10. She is cute!
  11. I love My name is Earl! Its so funny. But, anywho, Jaime is looking very classy in this pic, i love it!
  12. shes gourgeous, but i think she could have found a better guy.:shrugs: