Cute photos I took of the Marc Jacobs Vegas store's Daisy windows!

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  1. [​IMG]
    Outside the Caesar Forum Shops

    Inside the forum shops display window at Marc Jacobs Vegas.

    I asked the MJ Sales Associate about whether she did the windows and she said they flew out a professional to assemble them. Aren't they lovely?!!
  2. ohhh vegas :smile: what a pretty display.
  3. wow, how cute! i like that dress :smile:
  4. Wait, when did you take that picture? I was just there this past weekend and didn't see that. :confused1:

    ETA: Nevermind; evidently I'm completely blind. My BF just told me he saw it when we were there. I wonder how I missed such a cute display?? Thanks for the photos!
  5. I was there from October 10th to the 14th. But I assumed since it was so intricate that it would still be up. It's a shame it didn't catch your eye in person. It was even prettier!!
  6. Thats adorable!
    :huh:OOoo cant wait til a few more months and i'll be in Vegas so i can see lovely MJ displays too haha :biggrin:
  7. Ahhhhh Vegas!! I can't wait to go back there and go shopping haha...
  8. So pretty! Thanks for sharing!
  9. Really cute display!
  10. What an adorable display!
  11. Wow! Gorgeous! Thanks for posting the pics!
  12. How pretty! Thanks for posting your personal pics pg!!
  13. Beautiful display! I'm going to Vegas for the first time ever this coming Friday. The MJ boutique is going to be one of my first stops! Thanks for sharing the picture!
  14. :heart::tup:
  15. so pretty!!