Cute Overload!!!

  1. This website always puts a smile on my face!! :biggrin:
  2. Love it!! Thanks for sharing!
  3. interesting.. thanks..
  4. Awwww!! The cheerio one is especially cute!! :amuse:
  5. ahh!! soo cute, can't stand it! they're all sooo cute! :heart:

    thanks for sharing!
  6. Oh those are adorable! I needed a cute and cuddly end to my "evening" to bed now! (YES, I sleep...sometimes!)
  7. Aww.. I love the bunnies ! And the rat just melts my heart !
  8. What a great site! Thank you for letting us know! Those photos are ADORABLE! :love:
  9. This site went right into my favorites file.

    Thank you! :smile:
  10. If you click on one of the links on the right such as "kittens" or "pups" you'll see the cutest photos! Toooooo cute! The one with the kitten and puppy cracks me up. :roflmfao:
    ebay3.jpg catmousebunnydog_1.jpg caughtintheact.jpg
  11. Awwww, I LOVE the photo in the middle (with the 4 animals)! :love: :love:
  12. eyelove, I agree, that is my favorite! Of course, you know in about 1 year all of those animals will be eating each other!!! :Push:
  13. Oh gosh, I hope that will not happen! :shocked:
  14. Eyelove, I am not sure if I told you this before, but your Persian is soooooo pretty. Is he/she a show cat? I just bought a persian 8 months ago (black/grey smokey). I love him to death!!!
  15. I LOOOOVE this site! :love:

    I've been going there every day for the past really puts a smile on my face every time!