Cute Or Ugly..Limited Edition Ningyo Project Dunny Qee

  1. ugly on first site, maybe i'll get used to it.

    I don't like the 8" bear qee as well.
  2. i think its cool, but its to pricey for me..i rather get a bag lol
  3. i love it! i'm pretty sure i'll end up getting it sooner or later.
  4. The front is alittle scary, but I love the back! Maybe it will look cute IRL ;)

    Hey Butterpecan1- Is that a Pullip for your avatar? I'm a big asian doll addict here more into BJDs. Although, my daughter already has a small mini Pullip collection! LOL
  5. What is that black round piece with adios star on the ground next to the Qee? If that piece fits over the Qee’s face then, that’d be much better! :yes:
  6. yah the front is kinda ugly..the back is ok
  7. Uhhh...nah/ I don't like it, although it is very creative.
  8. I think it's scary. :blink:
  9. umm yeah I think it's scary too. I admit it, I'm a girly girl and I like "pretty things". To be honest at first I found some of the toki stuff kinda creepy and scary but it grew on me. But I'm never gonna be walking around in an Adios t-shirt.

    Ihave two Lexie Barnes bags that I LOVE but Ihad to "get over" the fact that the insides of the pretty pink and white flowers were all little bitty tiny skulls!
  10. I have to go with ugly in a creepy kind of way!
  11. I think so too and its really expensive.
  12. it reminds me of that movie small soldiers with all those dolls that come to life and the group of dolls the soldier dolls want to kill... he looks like one of them!

    it's too scary for me i might wait until i see it IRL before i decide. I want to get the rest of my vinyl tokidoki collection before then tho :smile:
  13. The front is creepy... the only thing I like are the Koi!
  14. ugly but I like it