Cute or not? Groom bandana on mini lin speedy`


Do you think it's cute?

  1. Yes!

  2. NO :( LOL

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  1. I got alot of complements on my bag today. I just kinda decided to tie it on my bag today. Do you the bandana looks cute on the mini lin speedy and I should go ahead an keep it on??
    groombandada copy.jpg
  2. I think it is damn cute!
  3. I LOVE that!!! I had no idea I wanted both of those until I just saw that picture!!!
  4. i like it !
  5. Thanks! I just wasn't sure? I thought it looked really cute but I always like others opinions! It really matches well! I have never used a bandana on a bag before but seeing some scarves tied on bags on this forum I thought they looked so cute!
  6. I love it...totally cute and charming.
  7. Luv it!
  8. Okay someone said no in the poll! LOL Who was it? LOL
  9. Wasn't me!!
  10. I love it! I just ordered the bandeau. I think I'll be tying it to my Mini Lin Speedy as well. Thanks for the idea! I can't wait!
  11. I think it looks fabulous!
  12. this is soooooo cute.

    i gonna go to lv store in toronto tomorrwo.
    dont know whether the have this cute piece or not.:graucho:

    i just wondering is it pricey?! (if you dont mind) :angel:

    congrats on your purchase. :love:
  13. The purse was US$675 and the bandana was US$140 before taxes! Not bad for LV!
  14. It looks GREAT!! Love the color combo!!!
  15. Yeah it just gives it a bit of pop! Now I wish I had also gotten the yellow bandana to have two different color to tie on my bag! LOL