Cute? Or CL rip-off?

  1. I got these Miu Miu Vernice pumps at NM's First Mark sale for a steal. They were up for a flash that day and sold out. On the website it mentioned that they had a red sole - I figured I'd decide if I wanted to keep them once I saw them.

    Well I have them now and find them extremely comfortable and well-fitting (no pinching in the toe box as with Yoyos for me). BUT...

    what do you think of the soles? They're not the CL red by any means, in fact the color is definitely more pink than red. But I am just not sure I want to keep them based on the implication that these are derivative of CL. What do you think? I appreciate your opinions!
    Miu Miu Vernice Pump 001.jpg Miu Miu Vernice Pump 002.jpg Miu Miu Vernice Pump 003.jpg
  2. I personally think they are beautiful! While I can see what you are talking about (the similarity to CLs) I think the pink offers a new twist! But I do have to admit, for me they do look like a "spin off" to the CLs- but in a good way!:p
  3. I think they are so cute! I wouldn't worry about the soles. Many designers are doing different colored soles now (since the CL rush).
  4. keep them!! they are gorgeous!
  5. They are beautiful shoes and look great on you. A colored sole is a fantastic idea because it adds to the shoe, IMO, CL or not.
  6. I agree with the others. Keep them. They are beautiful and the pink is a whimsical touch. It is not a blatant rip off. Every designer seems to get inspiration from other designers at one point or another. I don't think there is anything rip off about them. Enjoy!
  7. I think they're cute!
  8. Thank you very much for the compliments! :heart::heart:

    CL isn't commonly worn around my town...or Miu Miu for that matter :p...but for me, it's really the principle of the thing. Why a fashion house like Miu Miu/Prada would "reference" (or borrow, or rip off) CL makes no sense to me, especially since they have plenty of innovative designs of their own.
  9. Very cute!~ Keep them! :smile:
  10. Like someone posted above, they all do it, and they'll add their own twist on a design. I think it's fine. :heart:
  11. Love them, it's a trend , 1940 style is still pretty "in" so it's normal that we find similar models from various designers.
  12. Fan addict, I love those shoes, they look great on you. I have had similar thoughts about the Miu Miu shoes with the pink sole which has actually prevented me from purchasing them the past 2 seasons.
    I think that if you love them, keep them. Who cares about the red or pink sole - and this is coming from a die hard CL addict.
  13. Gongrats! I think those are definite keepers. they are beautiful, and many designers are doing colored soles, like Betsey Johnson, plus pink can also be sexy!
  14. thanks, all! I'm keeping 'em - too bad the weather just dropped down to the 40's :p
  15. I am glad you are keeping them. They are quite reminiscent of CLs, but I have seen other designers with colored soles as well. I think they harken back more to old school 40s glam than scream an outright CL rip off.