cute nursing shoes...

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  1. I like those much better than the clogs.
  2. Finally! Cute nursing shoes. Phew!
  3. danskos are aaaaamaaaazing!! and those are darling. i like the red ones! :smile:

    danskos are all i wear are all i wear :love:...i'm a waitress not a nurse but my nurse stepmom introduced me to them. i only can only wear the clogs for some reason though. too bad they're not more stylish. :smile:
  4. Those are cute! I love the red ones...they'd probably look funny with my navy scrubs though :sad:
  5. they're not co-worker has them and she wears them with anything.
  6. yeah, i love danskos. i wear them for work...whenever i wear regular sneakers, my legs and my back hurts.
  7. I am going on my fifth pair of these fabulous clogs from

    They are hand painted by local artists and they have just about any design you can think of. I am going to create a custom order for my next pair. Everywhere I go I get stopped and asked where I got my shoes. Too Fun!!
  8. Soooo cute!
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