Cute New Stuff

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  1. I was searching google when I found this site w/ a tokidoki announcement. I don't know how accurate it is since it's the first time I saw it but yupp just wanted to post something new since I'm bored at work :nuts:

    It says that it's releasing July 4, 2007
    it's toward the bottom but yeah basically there's going to be a new journal and stationary set :p

    tokidoki journal-
    tokidoki stationary-
  2. O__o oh my. me want.
  3. Too cute. Must have it. :smile:
  4. oH! i LOVE IT! :tender:
  5. LOVE the journal! now they should make a bag with that print! lol
  6. Yes, I agree it would make a great bag print.
  7. Oooh I wonder if it might be?!? Casey at Pulse told me that after tutti and trasporto, there will be 2 more prints and then it's the end:crybaby:
  8. There's MORE after Tutti & Transporto?!!??! oh dang. More toki = less money~
  9. omg. its so cute! and ..affordable.
    hmm..the print is great too. i agree that it should be on a purse
  10. Are any shops selling this yet?
  11. eeeee the elephant from trasporto! and the bus!!! and EEEE they FINALLY feature sabo-chan! (note sandy's bf aka the brown cactus boy ISNT sabo-chan!) The pink prickly guy who looks like a pink ninja IS sabo chan! i LOVE HIM/ I see that fairy looking girl fishing...She kinda looks like a lil elf/ that a clue to one of the very last prints?! something magical mystical like fairies elves?!!!!! eeee if so i LOVE THAT!
  12. nvm...i just read the release date july 4 lol. I must have that journal & stationary set!
  13. That'd be really cute if one the last prints was something with faeries!! That's what I had wanted!!

    And *ack* I assumed the brown cactus boy on his cell was Sabo-chan. Hehe. I'll rename him Kano-kun. Hehehe.
  14. Kano-kun eh? That's a pretty cool name :biggrin:
  15. I had chosen Kano for the name of my other lovebird because when I first tested it, he felt like a boy. But then as he got older, I retested him and he was a she. *lol* But I kept the name anyway. And I don't remember what it means in Japanese... Strength, power, something... I just remember thinking it had a good meaning and nice name.