Cute new shoes at Macy's!

  1. Although this style makes my feet look HUGE.



  2. That's uh interesting. High-tops? I'm not a fan of this look.
  3. Neither am I......don't like the Converse originals and these aren't too appealing either......
  4. Ooooh, I love them! :drool: :drool: I haven't seen them at my Macy's yet but I will definitely be keeping an eye out. Thanks.
  5. So cute! I bought the same kind only not high tops, but the colours are the same.
  6. Don't like them. Not my style.
  7. These are cute!! I love coach shoes but they don't make my size.:crybaby:(4 in womens)
  8. those are so funny
  9. not loving them
  10. Do they have these in low tops??? I love my converse low tops...but high tops?? egh.
  11. I don't like them, And there's been fake high top coach sneakers around for the last 2 years, so why come out with real ones now?
  12. They are cute, but I would prefer them in low tops vs. high tops.
  13. Cute, but not my style either.
  14. They're cute, but I prefer them in low tops too.
  15. Those are not my style.