Cute New Primp Stuff I Just Found - Similar To What Paris Hilton Has

  1. It's different colors, but I think it's even cuter! I love this whole Navy/Nautical trend going on right now!

    Click Here

  2. This thread belongs in wardrobe... I will move it in there.
  3. oops - thanks!
  4. Cute!
  5. i love the track jacket.
  6. Cute :smile: thanks for sharing!
  7. Thanks, I have bought some primp for my daughter. I am sure she will want that navy jacket & the T-shirt :smile:
  8. primp stuff = cute but not worth what they are charging, the quality on my thermal was awful!
  9. Primp is so cute. I found a bunch on sale recently at Saks and I got something with cute little froggies on it. I would say it will usually go on sale.
  10. that's my favorite piece too :love:
  11. that track jacket is gorgeous! I want one!
  12. They are very cute i really like the shorts.
  13. i love primp. wish they would make more of the pink and blue ice cream
  14. Yeah that's what I've got my eye on right now! It's sooo cute!
  15. Thanks for sharing- I am really liking the little shorts!