Cute New Keyfobs

  1. I was at the Coach store today, and like always I looked through the new accessories "book" that they have. Some that stuck out to me-
    A four leaf clover with a ladybug on it
    a dragonfly (with signature wings and those little crystals on the body (I bought this)
    The coach logo on a heart keychain in pink
    a multi logo keychain with little circles in different colors with the logo inside each one
    a red heart turnlock picture holder (keyfob)
    there was one in brass that i think was a lock
    there were some others that people have already posted pictures of here.

    If I remember any more i'll post!
  2. ooh, post a pic of the dragonfly you got!
  3. Yes, the style number of the dragonfly would be nice :smile: Sounds cute!
  4. about info on the four-leaf clover with ladybug?! The Japan web site has a plain four-leaf clover but not with a ladybug!!
  5. O I must see the dragonfly and the heart with pink!
  6. sorry no pics, i had to order the dragonfly. i will post pics and # as soon as i get her!

    the four leaf clover looked like it had a green or yellow border, and the inside was white (poss. sig?) and there was a littleladybug on one of the leaves! :smile:
  7. Oooooh, yeah, I definitely wanna see a photo of the dragonfly!!!
  8. The dragonfly sounds so pretty.
  9. What color is the dragon fly? I love dragonflys! Please post pics and style #.:yes:
  10. well, the top wings were purple and the bottom were white in the stock photo i saw.
  11. I want a dragonfly! Those are my favorites!
  12. Oh cute!!! That dragonfly sounds so cute!! Might need to order this :yes:
  13. the clover and ladybug sound adorable! :nuts:
  14. Thanks for the info!

    This one sounds pretty! :yes:
  15. Cant wait to see!!