Cute new keyfob

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  1. Saw this French bulldog keyfob on the Macy's site. SO CUTE! :biggrin:

  2. Omg! Adorable!
  3. Isn't that the cutest. I saw it also on the Macy's website.
  4. That is adorable.
  5. I have this one and it is very cute. Coach called it a Boston terrier though.
  6. So cute!! I'm a sucker for animal fobs! Now I need it!!
  7. I totally ordered this earlier today! Too cute!
  8. Dang, yet another dog... I need a KITTY! Why does Coach hate cats lol
  9. This is adorable! Now they just need to do a yorkie!
  10. I need a kitty too!!! I missed out on the little black kitty fob from last year.....I would buy a kitty in a heart beat!!
  11. Eeep! I need the Boston Terrier fob in honor of my doggie!
  12. I have the black/white Boston Terrier fob with the red patent collar. It's about 10/11 years old.

    Oooh thanks. I just ordered it. I wish it was a black/brindle Frenchie like my Wolfgang in my avatar.
  13. I posted this last night on another thread. It's splendid!

  14. I just ordered this today! Can't wait to get it, it's so cute!!