Cute new Keds wedges--help please


Mar 22, 2007
I am shoe-retarded. I have no idea how they are supposed to fit, and no idea how to walk in them without breaking my neck (that goes for even running shoes sadly). So I am begging for your help.


I purchased these REALLY cute Keds over the weekend in a 7.5, I am right on the 7.5-8 cusp. The 7.5s rubbed the hell out of my heels, and some toes--though luckily I wrapped my toes and heels in bandaids like I do every time I get new shoes, and to be up-front and fair, EVERY pair of shoes gives me blisters no matter what, even flipflops.

So I was thinking "oh maybe they'll stretch," but they are like...canvas cloth and I strongly doubt the toe area will stretch longer by 1/8" without deforming the cute roundy toe with that rubber trim.

So since I can't return the 7.5s (worn outside) I went and bought the 8s last night. I can still return the 8s, but before I do....

I have them on right now in my carpeted office. The toe area feels great, comfy even. But the heel slips when I walk, like doesn't come all the way off, but clearly moves. I think if I put some grips that might reduce it.

So does that mean the 8 is better fitting? Or should I give the 7.5 more time to maneuver around my freaky feet?

I think if I can't give the 7.5 to a friend locally (I don't know anyone who would wear a 7.5) then I might ebay or something. I wore them once to a few stores, and to lunch, they are in great shape, and have very little wear showing on the sole, and have the little heel grips in them already.