Cute new items ...

  1. Enjoy!

    1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg lockit new color .jpg
  2. Really cute!
  3. I love the Le Precieux & Le Mignon :love:
    Thanks for the pictures.
  4. I really want the Le Confiedent, price?
  5. Thank you for the eye candy. More to dream about tonight.:smile:
  6. Cute. :smile:
  7. Love the Le Precieux! I've been drooling for a white leather bag lately!
  8. wow! that first little one is SOO tiny!
  9. i believe le confident is $2250. i tried it on and the bottom sticks out just a little. the bottom is also visible when you put it on your shoulder. i wasn't a real big fan, but the one i tried was black, maybe i will lovveeee it in white.
  10. Love the Lockit.....

    When will eLux supposed to have it?:confused1:
  11. Le Mignon is adorable:nuts:!!!!! and I got my bonus today!!!
  12. Congratulations on your Bonus :yahoo:, I think you should go to Louis Vuitton today and pick up a little Mignon :tup:.
  13. very nice! :smile:
  14. So very tasty!
  15. I love how "Le Mignon" means cute! I really like Le Confident too.