cute new chloe for fall in Elle

  1. Hi all I am new to this.....I live in Colorado and am probably the only one in fort collins with a real edith (I managed to snag one that came on NM online April 21st)!:love: I was looking at the June issue of Elle last night and they have a super cute chloe bag in there as a preview for fall. They didn't have a name by it, but I thought it looked cute!
  2. Ooh, what'd it look like?
  3. Hey there - Welcome to the boards.

    I am from Colorado Springs. :flowers:

    Yes, what did this new Chloe look like?
  4. :yes: Pics please:graucho:
  5. Is it this one??? I've been eyeing it a bit lately, because I love that color red! Both in the Chanel and in the Chloe!!!
    red chloe and chanel.jpg
  6. I love that red too!!! :rolleyes: The shape kinda reminds me of the Chloe Hampton - the rigid bottom + the slouchy upper bit!
  7. ^yum! Love That Bag!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Reminds me of a Hampton too ... and also the zippy one ... Grace?
  9. There was another one in the fall preview section:
  10. ^^^ That one looks more like an Edith. CUTE! There was also the other one you posted earlier this spring, ET.
  11. ET- do you know the name of that bag...MUST HAVE....!!LOL!
  12. I love the chloe bag in tan that they're calling a "doctors bag"!!! What is it?
  13. the one I was talking about is the one that they called the "doctors bag". I think it looks super cute!!
  14. ^^Yup, that's the one I love too!
  15. Oh my, so much to look forward to! That doctor's bag looks promising, I agree!
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