Cute nail designs! Show yours off here!

  1. I thought this might be fun...when i go get a pedicure i usually always get them zebra pattern with a different color base...a couple days ago i chose this aqua color... i think it was way cute in time for summer! Show yours off! Toes and fingers!

  2. Cute!!!
  3. I've never seen that before!:yes:
  4. very unique!
  5. what a fun thread.
  6. Anyone hungry? :push: :lol:

  7. Fresh fruit...

  8. The "let's stick on everything we find in our junk drawer" nails...:throwup:

  9. Fun thread!! I only wish more ladies where showing their designs! I would, but I have short nails with just Chanel's Vamp varnish on them, so nothing much fun.

  10. Me too! Maybe they don't have camera's or something...c'mon ladies get those camera phones out! And i just noticed my last post's picture disappeared.
  11. cute!!!!!!!!!
  12. The nails with the junk food:


  13. lol i know...who does that?
  14. the junk picture wont show up form me. I hate the fruit nails. it looks like some kind of fungus or something :sad:

  15. haha i know i threw those out there for fun since no one is posting their nails. some people get the gnarliest of things done to their poor nails.