Cute MJ Bargain

  1. Here's the cute little Marc Jacobs calf hair bag I won on eBay. I've never had a calf hair bag, and I think it's adorable. Sparky is showing off our acquisition. He thinks the green bag nicely offsets his red fur.

    I think the cross on the front is what initially attracted me to the bag. I wanted it in aubergine, but the green is nice too.
    photos 180.jpg
  2. That is a really pretty bag! congrats, love the color!
  3. It's darling Rondafaye!! Congrats on the new bag and at a good deal!:yahoo: :yes:
  4. Wow...really unusual bag. I didn't even know that the particular style came in calf hair!

    Enjoy it! :flowers:
  5. i think the "cross" is a bow with a strap in the middle
    there were other similar bags from this collection that had bows
  6. I think you're right!
  7. Love your cat! Congrats on your new bag.
  8. It´s really gorgeus! Gongrats!
  9. Enjoy! i love the color.
  10. Thanks, all. I think it's a cutie. And for just $149 I can't go wrong!
  11. Congrats on your new bag.
    Love your cat. =)
  12. Sparky is a sweetie. He follows me around like a dog -- very companionable. He also likes to sit on the back of the couch and "groom" my hair!
  13. I have this bag too, I love it! It's so cute.
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