Cute LV Inspired Toy?

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  1. I was watching TV and saw a commercial for Fureal Friends Teacup Pups.. And wouldn't you know it.. one of the puppies has a LV inspired carrier.

  2. This is an LV monogrammed Munny I found online. So cute!


    Munny is made of vinyl that one can customize with just about anything - paint, crayons, even ketchup! Lol. :biggrin:
  3. i liek it a piggy bank to save up for my next LV?:confused1:
  4. ^
    Nah, but one can turn it into a piggy bank by sloshing a slot behind the head. :smile: I have a blank Munny, was thinking of monogramming it, but someone made it already. :smile:
  5. and that's a cute dog, btw. :smile:
  6. Honestly? I don't think it looks very LV, versus any other brand of handbag. I thought, from the title of this thread, that you were going to show those puppy toys that are made to look like LV Multicolore bags. Last I heard, LV had sued the manufacturer and lost -- the court found that a reasonable person would know that a furry dog toy with an LV-like look and name would NOT be an actual LV.
  7. Starting them young!