Cute LV charm

  1. I didn't know LV had this really cute charm, I wanted to purchase it until I checked out the price $3,300. :nuts:
    LV charm.jpg
  2. Charms... like to put on bags, right?

    Yup, there's such a great variety!

    Tip: When posting the direct link to a certain item on the main LV website, it won't work. It'll just take you to the homepage when you click on the link. :sad:
  3. I dont see the charms, hmm where should I look.
  4. These are the charm bracelet charms. They're in the fine jewelry section under "charms."
  5. Oh, I just attached the picture.
  6. Ahhhh those charms... you edited it on me! :p

    Yeah... that one is TDF. :drool:
  7. Hey John 5, you got a new profile pic, it's cute! You're a hottie!:heart:
  8. It's really cute...that's why I am using it as my avator ;)
  9. awww, those charms are so cute!! I love the pochette one.
  10. Love it!
  11. they're gorgeous!
  12. ite cute! but thats a bit much for a charm...
  13. those charms are such cute babies !
  14. I love the pochette charm, too!!!
  15. Awww... thanks! :heart:

    Here's a pic of Kelly Clarkson with an LV pendant: