Cute Lunchbag

  1. Hi everyone, I hope it's ok to post this here -- The LeanCuisine lunchbags are back this year. I missed out last year and just saw they are back. I think they're really cute especially if you take your lunch to work (as I used to) or for me now I plan to use it to keep kid snacks in for our trips to the zoo, and other outings.

    I think they're really cute and very fitting for a group that likes bags, thought you all might like them too.

  2. Very cute. Thanks!
  3. Those are cute-do you know who makes them?
  4. Sorry, I don't know who makes them, they look very similar to the ones they had last year.
  5. Cute! How big are they?
  6. Very cute. I carry the Dooney & Bourke clear one with the logos. Its perfect for lunch, not insulated of course, but I have a small fridge in my office so I dont need a bag to keep it cold (or hot).