Cute little white bbag?

  1. Hi all! I am thinking about a white balencaiga. It will probably be an evening and/or short trip purse (so I won't carry much in it). I have decided on a box. Can anybody tell me about the 06 white leather? My fall 06 greige city is great, but am wondering about the white. Is it super difficult to keep clean? This won't be an 'every day' purse. Thanks!
  2. 06 White is very thick and smooshy =)
  3. Thank you! :smile:
  4. i would also consider calcaire from 2005. thick smooshy leather 05 leather, and it looks very similar to white, with a little something extra.
  5. i have an 06 white purse and i love that bag to death. the leather is so perfect..soft, smooshy, not too thin or veiny. i love it.