cute little Stella McCartney

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  1. What do you think of this bag?

    Stella mccartney - Handbags - Medium leather bag Stella mccartney on YOOX

    I was looking for something big and practical but I came across this litte thing...and fell in love! :heart: The color is listed as light purple but it looks more pinkish tan to me :confused1: . Also, it says leather but I think Stella always uses fake 'vegan' leather right? I'm veggie myself so that would be cool.

    So... Should I get it? :graucho:
  2. It´s cute! Yes she´s always vegan on her products.
  3. It's Cute ^^
  4. It's cute, and great price!
  5. that bag is totally adorable! What a great price too!!!!!!!
  6. get it!!
  7. Thats really cute
  8. thanks guys! I bought it! can't wait to see how it looks in person :yahoo:
  9. darling!
  10. It's cute. However, I think Yoox needs to be more accurate in their descriptions. I would be pretty upset if I ordered a bag thinking it was leather, and then have it turn out to be synthetic.
  11. ^ I agree! It should not be listed as leather but faux leather. It's a plus for me but not for most people.
  12. I can't believe they would misrepresent the material that way. No matter where you fall on this issue, you lose if you don't know.