Cute little something .... From a Friend!

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  1. Friends always help friends out....

    So a friend of mine and I decided we'd do a little trade (we are IRL friends outside tpf)
    She was after a few non coach items. She and I we got to chatting we decided to do a trade.. and this is what I got...

    Little Ms Pepper, and she added this cute little daisy (I has another in blue :smile:

    All I can say "C" is thank you, the cute little flower was a surprise and i'll but sure to use her.

  2. Very cute! What a nice friend. :smile:
  3. So sweet! What lovely goodies!
  4. Both very cute!
  5. So cute congrats!!
  6. thank you ladies ...
  7. Super cute fobs!!
  8. So sweet!
  9. Oh how sweet, so cute! I'm sooo jelly, I want a friend like that!
  10. thanks again ladies ..
  11. Cute fobs; congrats!
  12. I love Pepper! I have that Daisy too.
  13. Congrats on your Pepper fob:smile:
  14. Congrats on that great fob. I'm so sorry I didn't pick it up with PCE when I had a chance. I just keep putting it off...
  15. Thanks All! I just have to decide which bag pepper is going on :smile: The daisy I think my keys.

    Pepper ?