Cute little Groom

  1. ..... is waiting to be purchased on It's the round Porte Monnaie with the orange stripe and it is darling. He has returned in order to bring joy to those who missed out the first time around. I think it is fantastic that we latecomers to LV have the opportunity to adopt him. :yahoo:
  2. ohhh congrats its a really cute choice
  3. I have one. It's really cute. Someone should take him home.
  4. cute!
  5. They still have a bunch of groom items in a lot of the boutiques. I know my store had several of the regular yellow mono groom cles's too. Very cute.
  6. where are u located? i called 866 in USA and told me there nothing..:cursing:
  7. our store doesn't have it either but it's available on the louis vuitton web site...
  8. Thank you, CAITIE LV.....

    I couldn't resist when I saw him on the website. He was calling to me ...... so I had to order him. I hope that I can fit a cc or two and a driver's license. Now that I have adopted him he has to earn his keep. :yes: